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Black Knight Origination Technologies

Black Knight offers industry-leading loan origination platforms to support the specific requirements of your lending operation. The LoanSphere Empower® and LoanSphere LendingSpace® loan origination systems (LOS) can be used to originate loans, improve loan quality, store documents and images, and are continuously enhanced to support regulatory requirements. The differences between the two platforms are in the way they are engineered to address your infrastructure strategy, lending channel requirements and scalability needs, as well as the specific business processes necessary to help maximize your operational performance. 

The Empower LOS integrates with several of Black Knight's advanced, web-based technology solutions that are designed to support lenders' loan quality programs, minimize loan repurchase risk and drive efficiencies in the mortgage transaction workflow. The LoanSphere Exchange platform delivers the largest fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the U.S.  enabling them to connect and do business electronically through a standards-based collaboration.

To automate the numerous, multi-party processes that are required to close a loan, Black Knight also offers LoanSphere Closing Insight®, a web-based technology and workflow solution designed to streamline the closing process and help lenders support document delivery timelines.

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