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Document Management Solutions

Using a powerful and flexible technology platform to accommodate a wide range of servicing requirements, Black Knight's Document Management Solution eliminates the need for paper by seamlessly capturing, classifying, extracting, validating and delivering information and documents through a secure, Web-based connection.

Black Knight's Document Management Solution Includes:

  • Centralized and decentralized scanning solutions

  • Data capture services

  • Data validation

  • Automated document routing and tracking protocols

  • Secure file repository to guarantee prompt disaster recovery

  • Enables seamless digital document sharing with other entities

  • Online search tools for reduced storage and retrieval costs

  • Full workflow and dynamic data capture capabilities

  • Mailroom service with imaging, data capture and workflow technology

Mailroom Advantages

Mailroom processing has a huge impact on the overall efficiency of your servicing operation. The ability to quickly and accurately review and route incoming mail is essential to maximizing response time, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

Digital Mailroom helps servicers better manage queues, monitor turn times and provide better service to their customers or constituents.

In the rare case a piece of mail does end up in the wrong queue, it can be tracked and moved to the correct queue with no fear of the image being lost between departments. The core mailroom functions of digitizing mail upon receipt and placing it in the queues can benefit any customer with better speed and control of their inbound correspondence.

And for customers using other Black Knight products, such as the MSP® servicing platform and the Invoice Management and Process Management applications, additional workflows can be created to interact with core software systems increasing the benefits exponentially.​ 

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