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Streamline Your Servicing Processes

Black Knight's LoanSphere Bankruptcy and LoanSphere Foreclosure technologies can help your organization operate at maximum efficiency. LoanSphere is a configurable workflow that utilizes sophisticated rules-based functionality. This powerful platform conforms to existing servicer business practices and initiates tasks based on servicers' key milestones for foreclosure and bankruptcy.

LoanSphere Bankruptcy and Foreclosure can manage virtually any transaction volume. The application processes approximately five million Web service transactions and eight million Web page requests daily.

Maximize your business processes by directing and delivering relevant information, images and services, all from one secure, real-time platform. Reconciliation of third-party information is streamlined utilizing a single, Web-based access point to connect third-party contacts. It also integrates with these other Black Knight technologies, including LoanSphere Invoicing and LoanSphere MSP.

LoanSphere Bankruptcy and Foreclosure track, time stamp and permanently record all of the activities associated with a distressed loan. This data may be accessed in real time and exported, as needed, for compliance.​​​​​​