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Black Knight's Loan Servicing Platform – LoanSpher​e MSP

The LoanSphere MSP loan servicing platform supports nearly half of all U.S. residential mortgages. 

The LoanSphere MSP servicing system sets the standard for loan servicing. It provides automation to service of a wide range of loan products, including fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages, construction, home equity, biweekly loans, daily simple-interest and more.

By servicing all of these loans types on a single system, servicers benefit from unparalleled insight across their portfolio, improved risk mitigation and reduced expenses.

  • ​Automates all areas of loan servicing
  • Offers unsurpassed cash controls and balancing functionality, as well as investor reporting, escrow and default functionalities on one, comprehensive system
  • Backed by a team of experienced consultants, trainers and customer service that offers support 24/7
Regardless of your portfolio size - 700 or 7 million loans - LoanSphere MSP delivers the complete package, offering increased productivity and flexibility, while helping servicers manage compliance risk. 

Web Services

Web Services provides access to LoanSphere MSP data with users controlling the presentation layer by designing their own user interface. Based on your design, the application launches a Web service request behind the scenes and the results are displayed directly into the user’s application. With XML request and response schemas, you can integrate applications of every type.

Web Services locates and aggregates select LoanSphere MSP and third-party data while synchronizing delivery to make it readily accessible and useful for a wide variety of servicing functions.

Improved Customer Experience

Black Knight's Customer CareNet is a Web-based, consumer-facing, self-service solution that enables borrowers to have instant access to their mortgage loan information. Customer CareNet integrates directly with LoanSphere MSP and offers a secure and reliable online portal with a comprehensive range of functionality and services to improve customer satisfaction.

Training and Support

Black Knight's client support and service professionals help mortgage servicers expand and optimize their core business. Our experts help companies achieve greater efficiencies, productivity and return on investment through business and system consulting, project management, customization, conversion, education and acquisition support.

Black Knight offers a variety of services designed to help clients understand and fully utilize their mortgage banking tools to improve productivity and profitability. They include:

  • Client Support.Black Knight's award-winning client contact center where each Black Knight client is assigned a team of mortgage experts dedicated to providing superior service. 

  • Account Executive. Each client is assigned an account executive that focuses on your overall business needs and looks for ways Black Knight can help improve your overall operations.

  • Implementation Services. Transferring data from any loan servicing system to LoanSphere MSP is what Black Knight's team of qualified consultants, analysts and programmers do best.