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Support for All Loan Types

As home values continue to rise, more and more home equity loans and lines are added to servicing portfolios every day. 

A great opportunity exists to capitalize on the similarities between your mortgage loans and home equity loans and lines to help reduce your risk. Black Knight offers robust data and analytics, risk management and servicing solutions to power your home equity strategies and success. 

Black Knight Advantages

Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing Black Knight's technology to support of all of your loans:

  • Actionable Data and Analytics. Black Knight Data & Analytics has the deepest and broadest level of loan data to help home equity lenders and servicers forecast and proactively manage changes in the mortgage industry.

  • Complete Risk Management. By leveraging Black Knight's technology to service both your traditional mortgage and home equity loans and lines, you benefit from a more complete financial view of the borrower’s profile, risk segmentation and profitability.

  • Robust Servicing Technology. Black Knight delivers the technology to support the unique blend of consumer credit and mortgage requirements that are necessary when offering home equity loans and lines. Black Knight's industry-leading LoanSphere MSP servicing platform supports escrow administration, nonperforming loans, year-end reporting, card access, optional insurance premiums, regulatory compliance and financial controls.​​​​​