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Home Equity Servicing

In today's complex lending world, collaboration and transparency are no longer luxuries  they're necessities.

Black Knight delivers the technology to service both mortgage and home equity loan requirements with one robust system  our industry-leading LoanSphere® MSP®. This dynamic Black Knight technology supports:

  • Escrow administration

  • Non-performing loan actions

  • Year-end reporting

  • Card access

  • Optional insurance products

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Financial controls 

Manage Risks Related to HELOANs and HELOCs

If you have home equity loans or lines on your books, you are at a higher risk. Black Knight offers robust data and analytics, risk management and servicing solutions to empower your home equity strategies and build success despite this higher risk.

Black Knight has the deepest and broadest level of loan data to help home equity lenders and servicers forecast and proactively manage changes in the mortgage industry. Armed with this information, you can identify sudden changes in market drivers and behaviors, helping you to guide and prioritize your strategies.

One example of data and analytics in action is Lien Advisor, which delivers ongoing alerts for delinquency indicators, default activity, ARM resets or changes of ownerships, so you can evaluate potential risk and maximize your secured interest.​ ​​

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