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iDeliver™ is an innovative suite of integrated, Web-based capabilities that simplifies collaboration between lenders, consumers and other loan participants during the mortgage loan process. The solution enables lenders to manage loan documents and consumer signatures electronically, helping to simplify workflows, improve turn times and reduce costs associated with paper-based processes.

Offered as an extension of Black Knight's LoanSphere® Exchange​ collaboration platform, iDeliver is comprised of three core components: Electronic and Paper Delivery; Web Portal; and Electronic Signature.

Electronic and Paper Delivery 

iDeliver sends document packages electronically if possible, and uses traditional paper-based delivery if necessary or preferred. Documents can be delivered to consumers, closing agents, underwriters, quality assurance, brokers or other participants during the loan process.

If documents cannot be delivered automatically, an integrated Print, Pack and Ship service systematically takes over, and based on client-configurable business rules, automatically delivers hard copy documents to the recipient within the lender’s specified time frame.​

Web Portal

iDeliver’s Web Portal provides a dedicated, secure and central location for consumers and service providers to access and review loan documentation and data online. Lenders can direct users to an easy-to-use portal that enables electronic document delivery, management and signatures, as well as provides the ability to capture data and share transaction status. The solution helps streamline collaboration on loan documentation and enables efficient interaction between the lender, service provider and consumer during the document review process.

Electronic Signature

iDeliver’s Electronic Signature component makes it easy for consumers to electronically sign documents posted in the consumer-facing portal and quickly return them to the lender. Consumers are notified by email when a document is delivered through the portal, and when documents require electronic signatures, the areas on the document that need to be signed are clearly tagged and easily identifiable.

Once a document is signed, a copy is immediately made available to the lender. If the consumer does not sign a document electronically, the iDeliver workflow handles the process automatically – either delivering a hard copy using the integrated Print, Pack and Ship service or following a lender-specified next step.​

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