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S​olutions to Effectively Manage the Loan Origination Process

After decades in the mortgage technology business, Black Knight has developed a large network of trusted service providers, professionals and business partners that lenders can access online to connect, collaborate and automate their business processes.

Black Knight offers a wide range of technologies designed to integrate seamlessly with lenders' existing systems, helping to eliminate costly connections and streamline the exchange of information securely so lenders can capture, share and collaborate more efficiently.

The foundation of Black Knight's lending solutions, the LoanSphere Exchange™ platform, provides the largest fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the U.S. This secure and integrated technology helps manage the loan origination process  eliminating costly connections to individual service providers, standardizing the user experience, enhancing process efficiency and supporting investor loan-quality requirements. 

Through Exchange, lenders can access more than 25,000 settlement service providers, including title and closing companies, property valuations, mortgage insurance and fraud-tool providers; as well as credit, verification, flood, document signing and fee-quoting services. 

Leveraging the Exchange platform, Black Knight also offers a suite of comprehensive, Web-based solutions that support lenders' efforts to meet evolving investor requirements:

  • LoanSphere Closing Insight: Comprehensive technology that automates and streamlines the loan closing process, and supports lenders' compliance efforts as they generate mortgage disclosures that borrowers must receive when applying for and closing on a loan.
  • LoanSphere Quality Insight: Robust loan document imaging, indexing, data-extraction and quality check solution to deliver reliable, consistent and early feedback, helping lenders proactively remediate issues before submitting a loan to an investor.
  • LoanSphere Valuation Insight: Collateral evaluation tool that confirms completeness, assesses appraisal quality and provides valuation transparency. 
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