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Property Tax

Lenders, servicers, investors and default professionals rely on Black Knight Data & Analytics’ property tax reporting solutions for fast, accurate and up-to-date real estate tax information. Our comprehensive property tax solutions, which are available on demand, 24/7, and at any point during the loan life cycle, provide the convenience and quick turn-around time you need to reduce the challenges and costs associated with procuring tax data.

With nationwide coverage and standardized reporting for data from all jurisdictions across the U.S., we are the one-stop shop for your property tax data needs. In addition, our extensive and robust quality control process ensures that you’ll receive the most comprehensive, complete and accurate information available. 

Our property tax reporting solutions can help you:

  • Research tax status during the loan modification process

  • Review portfolios for delinquent tax statuses on loans that do not have traditional tax service

  • Perform due diligence and enhance risk mitigation when assessing portfolios for acquisition

  • Reduce the risk of losing collateral due to delinquent property taxes

  • Quickly identify delinquent property taxes at loan origination

  • Obtain current tax amounts and escrow deposit estimates for GFE reporting

  • Obtain estimations of future tax bill amounts for new owners purchasing properties in California

Learn more about our property tax reporting solutions:   

  • Tax for Loan Estimation (TLE)

  • Tax for Closing Disclosure (TCD)

  • Tax for Title & Settlement (TTS)

  • National TaxNet

Our property tax reporting solutions provide you with:

  • A centralized point for new order submission and delivery 

  • A standardized format for the property tax data from all jurisdictions

  • Updates throughout the loan close process

  • Nationwide coverageationwide coverage

  • 24/7 availability, on demand

  • A quick turn-around time

Get accurate, cost-effective and nationwide property tax reporting solutions. 

Call 866.964.8343 Today! 

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