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LoanSphere Empower®

Enterprise Configuration and Scale

Black Knight's LoanSphere Empower loan origination system (LOS) is an enterprise platform that provides a seamless integration of capabilities to support the retail, wholesale and consumer-direct lending channels. Empower helps to eliminate errors and the need for duplicate entry associated with using multiple systems. Further, lenders can improve data integrity and security to help overcome their evolving compliance challenges.

One System to Streamline All the Critical Steps

Empower offers functionality for every facet of the loan origination process to support first mortgages and home equity loans on one system. Why choose multiple vendors for different stages of the origination process when you can work with one trusted partner? Black Knight Origination Technologies has integrated all of the features and functionality you need to originate a loan in one, sophisticated LOS  Empower.

  • Point-of-Sale. Provides needed services, such as flood determination, tax services and valuations. 

  • Processing. Covers details, including day-one documents, verification tracking and pre-underwriting.

  • Underwriting. Changes as government regulations and internal policies change and grow more complex.

  • Closing. Processes dynamic functionality to handle document distribution, TRID requirements, and much more.

  • Post-Closing. Helps support all closing needs and then double-checks that loan materials are delivered to investors.  

Empower Can Help You:

  • Streamline the entire loan origination process, from POS to post-closing

  • Support regulatory requirements through enhanced data consistency and security

  • Help mitigate risk by following your established processes and compliance rules 

  • Process higher volumes of loans with a lender-configurable system

  • Manage every facet of the loan origination process, including wholesale, retail and consumer point-of-sale channels

  • Create management reporting on loan metrics and user productivity

Option for Faster Implementation – Empower Now!

Black Knight offers Empower Now!​, a streamlined version of Empower that enables mid-market lenders, including regional banks, credit unions and independent mortgage banks to gain the benefits of the powerful LOS with a quicker implementation timeline, meaning less complexity and lower costs for you. 
  • Reduced implementation timeline - completed in approximately six months
  • Scalability to support expanding business growth
  • Decreased maintenance costs

For more information, contact​ or call 844 .474.2537.​​​​​​​​​​