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The Mortgage Industry’s Premier End-to-End Platform 

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LoanSphere® is Black Knight’s premier platform of integrated technology, data and analytics to support the mortgage and home equity loan lifecycle. By integrating all lending and servicing functions with comprehensive loan data, LoanSphere provides unlimited possibilities to help reduce risk, improve efficiency and drive financial performance.

Black Knight continually enhances LoanSphere’s suite of solutions to support evolving regulatory requirements. And, with business process automation, workflow, configurable rules and integrated data, LoanSphere’s applications deliver powerful benefits, including:

  • Improved data accuracy and consistency
  • Simplified user experience
  • Enhanced controls and auditability
  • Continual enhancements to support evolving regulatory requirements
  • Increased profitability through cost savings and identification of growth opportunities
At the core of LoanSphere is the Data Hub, which collects, links and stores loan data from client applications; Black Knight technologies and industry data, such as our MLS, loan and public records information. By leveraging the Data Hub, Black Knight's business intelligence capabilities provide users instant access to key performance indicators, scorecards, executive and employee dashboards, and on-demand dynamic reports to help forecast and monitor performance. 

Innovative Origination Technologies

Black Knight’s LoanSphere Origination suite offers a variety of technology solutions to help lenders support compliance requirements, evaluate loan purchase risks, manage volume fluctuations, improve efficiencies and much more.  

Loan Origination Systems

  • LoanSphere Empower® – Supports retail, wholesale and consumer direct lending, and offers functionality for every facet of the loan origination process – all on one integrated system.
  • LoanSphere LendingSpace® – Web-based solution designed specifically for the correspondent lending market; includes advanced business rules and workflow, and a component-based design to streamline loan processing and data quality checks for the entire loan purchase process.

Collaboration Solutions

  • LoanSphere Exchange™  Allows lenders to electronically manage the loan origination and closing process through the largest, fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the U.S.   
  • LoanSphere Closing Insight® – Web-based solution that supports origination compliance requirements by automating and streamlining the closing process.  

Servicing Support for Performing and Non-Performing Loans

Black Knight’s LoanSphere Servicing suite offers automated solutions to support all aspects of loan servicing. LoanSphere Servicing’s comprehensive applications help servicers reduce costs, mitigate risk, manage compliance efforts and significantly increase operational efficiencies.  

Servicing Technology

  • LoanSphere MSP® – Black Knight’s industry-leading servicing application supports every step in the servicing process. Its scalable, end-to-end capabilities service a wide range of loan products on one system  including home equity loans, personal loans, construction loans and other loan types  helping servicers gain unparalleled insight across their portfolios.

The LoanSphere Servicing suite also delivers a variety of advanced, automated applications to support loans in default, and includes capabilities for loss mitigation, claims, bankruptcy, and foreclosure​.

Data and Analytics for Clearer Insight Into Risk and Opportunities

At the core of the LoanSphere platform is the Data Hub, which collects, aggregates and stores loan and/or borrower data from Black Knight LoanSphere applications, and links it with comprehensive public records and third-party information. Combining this accurate and reliable data with advanced, innovative analytics from Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division helps lenders and servicers make more data-driven decisions and gain new insights about portfolio risk and opportunities.​​​

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