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LoanSphere®​ Active Insight™

LoanSphere® Active Insight™ is Black Knight's visualization technology that enables users to easily cycle through large volumes of data and generate unique views across functional and operational areas. By leveraging information stored in the LoanSphere Data Hub, Active Insight provides lenders and servicers the capabilities to turn their loan portfolio data into actionable insights.

Active Insight can be used in conjunction with Black Knight's analytics solutions, client-created data models, or a combination of both. The Active Insight suite includes: 

  • Compliance and Risk Insight Suite: Helps identify and mitigate risk, and supports compliance with regulatory and investor guidelines, such as tracking SCRA requirements.
  • Operational Efficiency Insight Suite: Provides data and workflow to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as highlight areas for improvement.​ This insight can compare datasets across a client portfolio, identify differences in the data that are not within variance and create workflow to have those items reviewed and resolved. 
  • Revenue and Risk Insight Suite: Supports customer retention efforts through actions such as recording active listed homes that are in the specific client’s interest.​​
Black Knight also offers LoanSphere Motivity™​​, robust business intelligence capabilities that provide instant access to information from multiple data sources to help forecast and monitor business performance. Coupled with Active Insight, Motivity helps clients increase operational efficiencies, reduce risk and improve overall performance. 
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