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The Right Platform for Home Equity Lending

With home equity volumes continuing to increase, and new regulatory requirements impacting all real-estate secured loan products, banks are being driven to reengineer their processes, operations and technology. Today, many lenders and servicers that were historically supporting home equity loans through consumer lending channels are now looking to manage them with their first mortgages, leveraging a single platform for both mortgage and home equity loans, while allowing each to have its own workflow, reports, product-specific documents and more.

Black Knight's LoanSphere platform provides a single platform to originate and service first mortgages and home equity loans and lines. Integrating lending operations into a single-source solution o​ffers you:

  • Significant process efficiencies
  • A clearer, more holistic view of borrowers' loans across multiple products
  • Reduced loan portfolio risk
  • Stronger customer relationships  

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