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Today’s consumer lending and mortgage markets are evolving. Operational efficiency, compliance, risk mitigation and agility in the marketplace are all key business drivers in your success.
As a result of this new market landscape, lenders are now learning to embrace — rather than shun — the similarities between home equity and mortgage loans and leverage the synergies of an integrated servicing platform to gain the upper hand.
MSP, Black Knight's integrated loan servicing platform, enables you to do exactly that. By servicing both your traditional mortgage and home equity loans and lines on MSP — the industry’s leading servicing platform — you gain a more comprehensive view of the borrower’s financial profile, risk segmentation and profitability.

And because MSP enables you to see the borrowers’ total risk and observe their behaviors more clearly, you are able to evaluate — and mitigate — your risk and fortify customer relationships instead of jeopardizing them.
Black Knight technology supports the unique blend of consumer credit and mortgage requirements that home equity lending requires, including:
  • Escrow administration
  • Nonperforming loans
  • Year-end reporting
  • Card access
  • Optional insurance products
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financial controls
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