Delivering Innovative Solutions With Advanced Capabilities Across the Loan Lifecycle

Black Knight continually invests in its technology to provide leading-edge solutions that can help lenders and servicers drive exceptional results. 

Black Knight’s end-to-end LoanSphere® platform delivers innovative, integrated technology, data and analytics to support the complete mortgage and home equity loan lifecycle – from origination to servicing to default. By integrating operational functions with data, LoanSphere helps to reduce risk, improve efficiency and optimize performance.

Advancements to LoanSphere include more data-driven solutions, as well as enhanced integration, automation and intelligence. Black Knight is also investing in our solutions to deliver an exceptional user experience and implementing digital capabilities throughout the loan process so clients can meet the demands of today’s consumers for a mobile loan experience.


Advancements to our origination technologies include:

  • Centralized platform – A single, robust system – LoanSphere Empower® – where lenders originate both home equity products and first mortgage loans, helping reduce costs and risk
  • Digital capabilities – Solutions that enable lenders to offer a complete omni-channel consumer application experience
  • Robotics – Automated task processing, helping lenders manage loan production more quickly and effectively


Recent investments in our servicing technologies include:

  • Digital enablement – The LoanSphere MSP® servicing system enables users to digitize their processes and consumer offerings
  • Predictive analytics – Cutting-edge predictive analytics help improve borrower satisfaction and retention, deepen brand loyalty, increase revenue and mitigate risk
  • Business process automation – Client-configurable and rules-based products with extensive inherent workflow, helping servicers drive performance and reduce costs


Our powerful enterprise business intelligence solutions help drive performance in real time. Leveraging information from LoanSphere® Data Hub, Black Knight’s big data platform, and third-party datasets, our LoanSphere® Motivity solution transforms data into actionable Insights and delivers it throughout organizations to drive desired behaviors.


Black Knight continues to advance its robust, industry-leading data and analytics solutions, providing the insights industry professionals need to remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.

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