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Valuation Insight® is a revolutionary appraisal evaluation tool that focuses on identifying risks within property appraisal reports. Valuation Insight combines a variety of external data sources with customer-supplied thresholds and industry standards to identify complex issues – saving reviewers and underwriters time while reducing errors. Valuation Insight helps property appraisal data be complete, compliant and in current UAD format for UCDP submission.

Valuation Insight Can Help You:

  • Identify potential buy-back issues with property appraisals

  • Integrate with existing lender and provider systems to help automate, standardize and simplify the appraisal-review process

  • Minimize errors and save time by uncovering and flagging complex issues embedded in the appraisal report

  • Catch inconsistencies found in an appraisal report

Learn more about Black Knight's Insight Suite​.
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