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Trying to manage the CFPB's TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule's processes and support mandated time frames can complicate your operation. Especially if you are not using a proven solution to help automate the complex multi-party closing process.
Closing Insight® was developed by Black Knight to support many of the necessary processes needed to meet TRID requirements. Developed in close collaboration with lenders, title underwriters and title software providers, Closing Insight is a suite of web-based services that streamlines the closing process and helps lenders remain compliant as they generate mortgage disclosures that borrowers must receive when applying for and closing on a loan. 

Closing Insight Can Help You:

  • Improve process management

  • Deliver documents within mandated time frames

  • Collaborate with settlement agents to reconcile and finalize closing disclosure data

  • Obtain more accurate loan information

  • Improve cycle time and operational efficiencies

  • Save time and reduce errors by replacing manual processes

  • Improve borrower satisfaction with the closing process



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