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For lenders and service providers who want to streamline the process of ordering, tracking and receiving mortgage origination products and services, Black Knight offers the LoanSphere® Exchange platform. This web-based, secure and integrated platform helps manage the loan origination process by eliminating costly connections to individual service providers, standardizing the user experience, enhancing process efficiency and supporting investor loan-quality requirements. 


Exchange provides access to the largest, fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the U.S. to facilitate the ordering and fulfillment of mortgage services, including credit, appraisal/AVM, title, close, verifications, mortgage insurance, flood, document signing, GFE services, fraud tools and many more.

Exchange currently connects lenders with more than 25,000 service providers. Each month, the platform processes over 1.2 million orders, 9.4 million electronic documents and more than 25 million loan-fulfillment events for more efficient mortgage process automation.
  • Mortgage services available 24/7

  • Unprecedented reliability

  • Rules-based client-configurable product selection

  • Event-based workflow

  • Integrated with thousands of service providers for various loan settlement products

  • Eliminates costly connections and streamlines the exchange of information to service providers


Going Digital?

Exchange Digital offers a Solution to help lenders implement their digital strategies
As part of Black Knight’s focus on advancing its technologies, we offer a digital platform that will enable lenders to easily connect data and applications both across the enterprise and with third-party providers. LoanSphere Exchange Digital is a self-service API marketplace that facilitates the flow of orders, data and documents between all participants in a real estate transaction. With Exchange Digital, lenders can easily access and subscribe to a broad array of products and services. By registering APIs into Exchange Digital, lenders and providers will benefit from using existing assets and capabilities versus creating or buying new ones – saving considerable time and eliminating the need for multiple integrations.
Exchange Digital integrates with the LoanSphere Empower® loan origination system and offers a streamlined and cost-effective way for lenders to more quickly build their digital solutions.
Learn more about Exchange's order management or vendor performance capabilities, or see a full list of the products and services delivered through the platform.
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