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Used within the Exchange technology​ is Decision Select, a complex, scalable and tightly integrated business rules platform that helps lenders standardize pricing calculations and underwriting decisions across the loan origination lifecycle, from first contact with the customer through point-of-sale, underwriting, closing and documentation.


Decision Select is a collection of front-end software applications and back-office services and libraries designed to support the origination process. Following are the software components of the Decision Select software suite:

  • Manager service: (Version 7.6.12) Performs all inter-environment duties such as environment ruleset publication, verification and duplication.
  • Advisor service: (Version 7.6.12) Configures the Engine's services in an environment and informs client applications of Engine availability.
  • Engine service: (Version 7.6.12) Executes the ruleset requests as configured by the parent Advisor service.
  • Doctor DS: (Version 6.1.1) Interrogates Decision Select Engine service requests to give a visual representation of the executed rulesets.
  • Publisher: (Version 7.6.11) The front-end tool used to publish the rulesets to higher environments.
  • Environment Manager: (Version 1.0.0) The front-end tool used to configure, verify and copy environments.
  • Embedded Engine: (Version 7.6.12) Enables Decision Select ruleset calculations to be called from within an application.
  • .NET API: (Version 7.6.4) Provides Decision Select ruleset execution to be performed from a .NET application.
  • Guideline Explorer: (Version The ruleset authoring tool​.​
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