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Black Knight offers Closing Insight®, a comprehensive, Web-based solution that streamlines the multi-party closing process and supports TRID requirements. 

A key feature of Closing Insight is the Closing Collaboration Portal, a secure platform where settlement agents and lenders can communicate closing needs, from fee refinement to settlement statement preparation to closing package delivery.

Benefits of Closing Insight:

  • Work with your lender partners using a secure platform to exchange closing data
  • Manage title and closing services within one location
  • Save time and reduce errors by replacing manual processes
  • Utilize analytics to reconcile closing statements wit​h lender closing instruction data
  • Comply with pre-approved common process, technology and data requirements as agreed to by lenders utilizing Closing Insight
  • Improve borrower satisfaction with the closing process

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Registration is free until June 30, 2017. Please use promo code ClsInstWEB to take advantage of free registration.

Need help registering? Read the Settlement Agent Registration User Guide.

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