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One location to receive all your real estate services from numerous companies. Seamless integration to offer more efficient and reliable service. Ordering appraisal, closing, title, flood, valuation and a host of other services 24/7. Access to analytical tools that help manage repurchase risk and automate quality control.

With the Exchange™ platform, you can. Through a single interface to the lender’s loan origination software for all products, Black Knight delivers:

  • A single location to order and receive multiple real estate-related products and services, eliminating costly connections to each of your service providers
  • Integrated data entry screens to reduce the need to re-key information to order multiple products
  • Full integration into your loan origination system, providing the ability to download borrower and property information automatically
  • Reports that can be accessed at any time
  • Individual logins for documents that allow other users to view and print reports
  • Convenient centralization of all records

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