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Provides the optimal combination of both accuracy and coverage and is typically ranked among the top five most accurate AVMs in independent testing. Ideal for the origination of home equity loans, retro valuations and distressed properties. ValueSure combines the precision of the best AVMs without sacrificing hit rate. 

Who needs it:

  • Mortgage Originators
  • Mortgage Servicers
  • Mortgage Default Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Capital Markets Investors
  • Title Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Property and Casualty Insurers
  • Direct Marketers
  • Legal Professionals

Why you need it:

  • Access a faster, lower-cost alternative to traditional appraisals and BPOs that increases productivity, accelerates the valuation process, and improves risk management
  • Perform quick quality checks to validate traditional appraisals
  • Obtain mark to market requirements for servicing portfolios

Why it's better:

  • Enhanced by ongoing testing and re-engineered by one of the most highly respected AVM developers in the world
  • Provides comprehensive data for trusted values
  • Offers a sound and trusted valuation strategy
  • Performs better and has less outliers than competing AVMs according to independent third-party testing

How to get it:

  • XML
  • Batch/bulk
  • Black Knight Origination Technologies
  • Third-party resellers

Contact us toady at 866.964.8343 to learn more.

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