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Black Knight ValuEdge Cascade offers a fast, accurate and unbiased valuation of residential properties using four high-performing and independently-validated Black Knight AVMs: Realtors Valuation Model®, ValueSure™, SiteX™ Value and Safe Value.

By using its own AVMs, Black Knight can help the cascade provide the best valuation possible. Black Knight AVMs are tailored to work together, and with intimate knowledge of the models, Black Knight can tune them so that when placed in a cascade, they deliver exceptional results.

Who needs it:

  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Servicers and Default Managers
  • Capital Markets
  • Government Agencies
  • Property and Casualty Insurers
  • Direct Marketers
  • Legal Professionals

Why you need it:

  • Determine property values for home equity loan decisions
  • Measure the value of loan portfolios
  • Determine a borrower's eligibility for a loan modification plan
  • Validate appraised value for quality control
  • Leverage the information for direct marketing efforts

 Why it's better:

  • Consists of models that are independently validated and rigorously tested
  • Helps ensure the best model is always run first resulting in high accuracy and high hit rates
  • Uses four high-performing Black Knight AVMs
  • Offers a competitively priced valuation solution

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