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Provides comparison of neighborhood sales statistics and subject property. Easy-to-read report includes: summary and range of value estimate; neighborhood and county pricing trends; and modification value estimates. Offers high hit rate model with fewer restrictions based on property type or data quality.

Why you need it:

  • Perform quality checks to validate the value conclusion of traditional appraisals
  • Effectively value mark to market portfolio

Why it's better:

  • Offers a strong hit rate and outstanding accuracy with maximum property record detail
  • Delivers comprehensive data, including mortgage performance data, real estate data, county assessed values, owner information, comparable sales, deed history, neighborhood price trends, market activity and REO activity trends
  • Works to assimilate and evaluate all available data and deliver results on more properties than most other AVMs in the market
  • Performs better and has less outliers than competing AVMs according to independent third-party testing

How to get it:

Contact us today at 866.964.8343 to learn more.

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