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This AVM places an emphasis on accuracy and quality over hit rate by using intelligent comparable selection to filter out comparable properties with insufficient data.  The resulting effect is to remove outliers from analysis to help ensure superior results.

Who needs it:

  • Mortgage Originators

  • Mortgage Servicers

  • Mortgage Default Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Capital Markets Investors

  • Government Agencies

  • Property and Casualty Insurers

  • Direct Marketers

  • Legal Professionals​

Why you need it:

  • Returns highly accurate valuations by eliminating any properties that have insufficient data to support the results
  • Delivers extraordinary accuracy and validation on properties with sufficient property characteristic data
  • Validates value conclusion of traditional appraisals
  • Determines current combined portfolio LTV

Why it's better:

  • Provides cost-efficient and objective valuations
  • Applies a complex series of rules and algorithms to eliminate the properties that fall outside of certain parameters
  • Offers extraordinary valuation accuracy with an accuracy level of plus or minus 10% approximately 80% of the time
  • Performs better and has less outliers than competing AVMs according to independent third-party testing

​​Implementation includes XML and Batch/Bulk​​


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