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For mortgage professionals looking for accuracy without sacrificing hit rate, Advantage Cascade supports up to 11 different automated valuation models, including other providers’ AVMs, to deliver the best valuation for a specific geography.
Advantage Cascade uses up to 11 different AVMs - including those of other providers -  to deliver the most reliable results for a specific geography. The first AVM to use independent testing results and offer a convenient, cost-effective and fully-vetted AVM cascade preference table for mortgage professionals looking for extra confidence in their asset analyses.

Who needs it:

  • Mortgage Originators

  • Mortgage Servicers

  • Mortgage Default Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Capital Markets Investors

  • Government Agencies

  • Property and Casualty Insurers

  • Legal Professionals​

Why you need it:

  • Validate appraised values for pre-funding quality control
  • Access a quick and cost effective valuation for second mortgage origination
  • Measure the fair value of loan portfolios
  • Determine a borrower's eligibility for a particular loan program
  • Conduct due diligence on loan pools being considered for acquisition 

Why it's better:

  • Offers a turnkey solution that can easily be implemented and maintained without the necessary expertise and resources of building an in-house model validation staff
  • All AVMs included in Advantage Cascade are independently tested and verified by AVMetrics, LLC, the industry’s leading AVM testing and auditing authority.
  • Delivers unsurpassed reliability and hit rates at the county level, as the cascade is continually tested for accuracy, and the model preference table is updated quarterly.
  • Makes sure the best-performing AVM for the subject property location is chosen for each transaction – whether it’s a Black Knight AVM or not
  • Protects your business against unreliable valuations by delivering the most accurate results at the county level and staying consistent with regulatory guidelines through quarterly independent testing and validation of the models included in the Advantage Cascade

​Implementation includes Batch/bulk and XML Web services

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