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Overview of Images

Find the information you need on deeds, property and land records, liens, parcel maps and much more in an easy to use, online tool. Save time and eliminate the costs associated with traveling to the courthouse to locate and retrieve images. Our on-line image database provides quick, 24/7 access to parcel maps and property-related document images from across the U.S. 
Real estate professionals and government agencies use our image database of parcel maps and county documents for a variety of reasons, including:

Parcel Maps

  • Verify lot lines
  • Identify property owners within a specified radius for eminent domain notification
  • Obtain ownership information by cross referencing maps back to ownership data

County Documents

  • ​Confirm property legal descriptions
  • Obtain copies of deeds to trace ownership history for asset forfeiture purposes
  • Confirm all owners of a property
  • Investigate tax fraud as it pertains to property inheritance

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Learn how Parcel Maps and County Documents can give you the information you need!

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