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​To keep up with the ever-changing real estate market, you need fast, accurate and cost-effective tools to generate reliable lists of comparable sales. Cumbersome research tools with tedious search capabilities and limited parameters make your job more difficult and cost you valuable time.

Custom-tailor your searches and control which comparables are selected with our powerful easy-to-use, online  report tool, Comp Locator™.  Get property profiles and complete sales histories in a single, affordable solution that leverages our industry-leading real estate data. It all adds up to a powerful competitive advantage for your business. 

  • Interactive maps with the ability to search by drawing polygons
  • Search by radius, street range, Thomas Bros. page and grid, city or ZIP code
  • Advanced geographic definition
  • Easy-to-read, single-line detail and prior sales data for up to 50 comparable properties
  • Complete list of property characteristics filters
  • Ability to enter up to seven additional property addresses
  • Rapid report generation
  • Customization of any report of sales comparables without the need for outside reports
  • Various report formats, including HTML, Excel and text
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