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​Black Knight Property Tax

A suite of products that deliver quick, accurate and cost-effective property tax information for loan prequalification; closing; and title and risk monitoring. Property Tax Shield includes access to an instant estimation of real estate property taxes; nationwide real estate property tax bill information for both current and prior years; and hard-to-track third-party tax liens. 

This product suite includes three effective solutions:

Tax for Loan Estimation (TLE)

Cost-effective, real-time solution for best practice estimation of real estate property taxes.

Tax for Closing Disclosures (TCD)

Nationwide solution includes tax agency details, current assessments, current tax bill, supplemental tax, due dates and escrow months to collect. It also includes a unique solution for Proposition 13 in California.

Tax for Title & Settlement (TTS)

Nationwide, comprehensive tax search that identifies current and prior year tax bill information, including redemption amounts and payment instructions for delinquent taxes that may exist prior to closing. Also includes an optional historical research enhancement that quickly and efficiently verifies a property's 24-month tax payment history.


For more information, contact: 866.964.8343 or fill out the form below. 

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