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Identifies, prioritizes and predicts risk of default and loss over time. Based on borrower behavior patterns relative to economic conditions, measures the risk, borrower equity and value of each loan. Used for segmentation, benchmarking, decisioning, loss reserving and more.

Who needs it:

  • Mortgage Originators

  • Mortgage Servicers

  • Mortgage Default Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Capital Markets Investors

  • Government Agencies​

Why you need it:

  • Determine which portfolio assets have negative equity
  • Calculate the number of loans that will be seriously delinquent or will realize loss over the next two years
  • Forecast the impact of loan modification on re-default rates and loan Net Present Value
  • Identify loans with the highest risk of prepayment, delinquency, default and loss severity
  • Compare pre- and post-modification probabilities of delinquency and default to gauge effectiveness of proposed modification
  • Use pre- and post-modification NPV calculations as decisioning tool and value measure
  • Increase loss mitigation effectiveness through risk-based segmentation, contact strategies and prioritization
  • Focus servicing resources on loans with the highest risk of delinquency and loss
  • Optimize current and future operational staffing levels based on forecasts of future delinquencies
  • Measure loan-level exposure and long-term delinquency risks to set appropriate loss reserves
  • Use Expected Loss projections and payment status to meet FAS 5, 114 and FFIEC reserve rules
  • Validate and support reserve estimates from internal methods using Current Estimated LTV and Expected Loss

Why it's better:

  • Derived from Black Knight Data & Analytics’ leading-edge, behavior-based predictive models
  • Ran at the loan-level for detail and accuracy
  • Allows for specific case-by-case decisioning with regard to loan-level output
  • Uses models constructed from national servicing data but tuned to client’s data
  • Provides permanent records of the decisioning process
  • Allows for comparisons of multiple alternatives

Learn how to discover how to identify, prioritize and predict risk of default and loss over time.

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