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From lending analysis to servicing monitoring, portfolio management and regulatory compliance, you need accurate, accessible, actionable data to effectively manage your portfolio. Black Knight's Lien Analytics Suite offers solutions that deliver accurate, accessible data for deeper portfolio insight and better decision making.
The Lien Analytics Suite is composed of the following solutions:
Credit Enhanced Lien Identification (CELI)

Leverages exclusive proprietary matching logic, combining Black Knight's comprehensive public records database with consumer credit data, to provide a holistic view for unmatched visibility into a property, borrower and loans, including ownership, foreclosure activity and lien status. Provides actionable insights to help identify and address potential issues.

Public Record Only Lien Identificaiton (PROLI)

Analyzes the various data points for a given property and mortgage. Checks the validity of the collateral position of the mortgage and then displays a current snapshot of the property, as well as a historical view, which can be mined for deeper property insight. Appends additional data, such as property valuation and/or involuntary lien data, if requested for even deeper analysis.

Lien Alert

Provides early warning notifications to help you make timely decisions and minimize risk. Includes new mortgages recorded; foreclosure/default; tax delinquency; bankruptcy; payment shock due to ARM resets; lien status change; value changes; ownership and occupancy changes; and MLS listings.

To learn more about the Lien Analytics Suite, contact us today at 866.964.8343​​​ or fill out the form below.

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