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​Protect Your Assets


In numerous states, liens recorded by a homeowners association (HOA) for delinquent accounts take priority over a first mortgage, resulting in a “super lien.” Servicers and investors face the potential for significant loss if the HOA forecloses on a property and sells it.

Black Knight Data & Analytics offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that helps protect servicers and investors from super-lien-related losses. Black Knight’s HOA Solutions suite:

  • Identifies homeowners associations and provides contact information
  • Detects HOA delinquencies and liens
  • Helps cure delinquencies through statutory reviews, negotiations and payment processing 

Customizable Solution to Meet Your Business Needs

With the HOA Solutions suite, you can choose from a variety of products based on your individual business needs.

With nationwide coverage, the solution supports your own default and foreclosure processes (pre- and/or post-sale) when definitive HOA-related information is needed.

  • Proactively combat HOA delinquencies

  • Rectify issues pertaining to super liens before foreclosure occurs

  • Choose ongoing monitoring or a one-time search

  • Receive copies of HOA liens and other documents

  • Create extensive portfolio monitoring solutions

  • Match and append; batch and transactional  

  • Save money with cost-effective options


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