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Accurate, Reliable and Comprehensive Mortgage Data and Analytics

Our industry-leading mortgage performance data and analytics provide invaluable insight to lenders, investors, servicers, default managers and government agencies, to help effectively manage risk, support regulatory compliance, generate leads and improve decision-making.

Mortgage Performance Data

Representing mortgage performance data from the nation's top servicers, our data provides you with the broadest breadth and depth in any single loan-level data source.

Our extensive repository of information is the most timely industry dataset of default and prepayment performance which includes:

  • Large representations of all credit grades and product types including agency, non-agency and portfolio prodcuts
  • Historical loan assets covering more than 20 years and over 160 million loans
  • Up to 130 loan-level collateral attributes

With advanced data-processing capabilities, customized record layouts and flexible delivery options, we provide you with the most current, reliable and high-quality information available to meet your business needs.

Our mortgage performance data solutions can help you:

  • Benchmark performance statistics
  • Generate executive reports and develop strategy
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Build models for trading of mortgage backed securities (MBS)
  • Produce mortgage market research
  • Support regulatory oversight

Mortgage Analytics

In addition to our industry-leading mortgage performance data, we deliver intelligent, accurate analytics and predictive modeling via our highly regarded quantitative methods. Our proven, industry-leading models – based on borrower behavioral patterns, projected market trends and national servicing data dating back to the early 1990s – provide the insight you need to make more informed decisions. 

Our mortgage analytics solutions can help you:

  • Meet GSE and regulatory requirements
  • Increase profitability by pursuing targeted refinance leads and the most appropriate geographies for investments
  • Optimize staffing and resources
  • Reduce collection expenses
  • Meet investor guidelines for borrower outreach
  • Support independent validation of internal models
  • Validate loan-level decisioning
  • Obtain probabilities for prepayment risk, credit and default risk, loss severity and home price performance

Learn how you can leverage our accurate, reliable and comprehensive mortgage performance data and analytics.

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