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Minimize Loss With Powerful, Actionable Solutions

Mortgage Default managers rely on our advanced, industry-leading solutions for the insight they need to make the most informed decisions.

Our solutions allow you to understand the attributes of a single loan, an entire portfolio or a market of at-risk loans. In addition, we supply the tools necessary to deliver intelligent, accurate risk analytics via our highly regarded quantitative methods. We provide default, loss severity and modification projections for fixed, adjustable, prime and subprime mortgages.
Our data and analytics, along with our valuations and risk management solutions, can be used separately or together to help prevent default, and reduce the frequency and severity of portfolio losses.

Our Default Solutions Include:

Black Knight Data & Analytics’ experienced advisors deliver powerful, actionable solutions to mortgage default managers. Relying on our unparalleled data – which includes the industry leading U.S. property database – powerful analytics and deep industry experience, our advisors work closely with clients to help them achieve their business goals. 

We offer a variety of advanced automated and custom solutions to help you find qualified leads and identify new opportunities with existing customers. Our lead generation solutions give you access to the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive property data in the industry, so you can target exactly the right prospect you need.

Our industry-leading mortgage performance data and analytics provides invaluable insight to Mortgage Default managers, to help effectively manage risk, support regulatory compliance, generate leads and improve decision-making.

Mortgage Default managers rely on our portfolio management and due diligence solutions to deliver sophisticated, critical loan portfolio information to help manage risk and improve decision-making. Customized to solve your unique problems, our advanced suite of portfolio management and due diligence solutions can be used for a broad array of applications.

Our comprehensive property tax solutions, which are available on demand, 24/7, and at any point during the loan life cycle, provide the convenience and quick turn-around time you need to reduce the challenges and costs associated with procuring tax data. With nationwide coverage and standardized reporting for data from all jurisdictions across the U.S., we are the one-stop shop for your property tax data needs. 

Our U.S. real estate database is one of the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable databases in the country. It delivers unmatched depth, breadth and quality and is the foundation for the industry-leading analytics solutions we deliver. With our analytics solutions, we can help you stay informed about changes in the lien status, values and listing status – as well as provide rental market intelligence on the properties securing your loans – or on loans you may be acquiring.

Selecting the right valuation strategy is critical to effectively manage risk and grow profits. We combine our industry-leading data, proprietary information, proven methodologies and advanced user and performance testing to deliver a variety of valuation solutions with exceptionally reliable results.

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